Bmo Debit Cardholder Agreement

As a BMO debit cardholder, it`s important to understand the terms and conditions of your agreement. The BMO debit cardholder agreement outlines the rules and regulations for using your debit card, as well as your liability for any unauthorized transactions.

One of the most important things to note in your agreement is the daily spending limit for your debit card. This limit is set at $1,000 for most accounts, but it can vary depending on your specific account type. It`s important to keep this limit in mind when making purchases with your debit card, as any transaction over this limit may be declined.

Your BMO debit card agreement also outlines your liability for unauthorized transactions. If someone else uses your debit card without your permission, you must notify BMO immediately. If you report the theft or loss of your card within two business days, your liability is limited to $50. If you wait longer than two days to report the theft or loss, your liability can increase up to $500.

It`s also important to note that some transactions may be blocked by BMO for security reasons. This can include international transactions or transactions that exceed your daily spending limit. If you`re having trouble making a purchase with your debit card, it`s important to contact BMO to ensure that your account is in good standing and that there are no issues with your card.

Overall, understanding your BMO debit cardholder agreement is essential for using your debit card safely and responsibly. By keeping the terms and conditions in mind, you can avoid unauthorized transactions and ensure that your account remains secure.